Where have I been?

It’s been a very long time since I have added anything to this website. No I didn’t drop off the face of the earth, just haven’t made the time. Life has been busy and sometimes just gets in the way of good intentions.

My Farmer’s Daughter business was short lived, lasting only a year. My hat is off to anyone who can make a small business work. I had a steep learning curve and discovered the monthly tax filing and paperwork, the constant search for venues to sell my wool, and packing, loading, setting up a booth, working on weekends when Charlie was home just didn’t make sense. Maybe if I were younger it would have worked.

Fun while it lasted.

Our kitchen was renovated and we love the results. Removed walls, added some cabinets and basically took the kitchen down to the studs. It took about 4 months but it was worth it.

Additional cabinets with a coffee station.
The new kitchen

Charlie’s dad celebrated his 90th birthday surrounded by family at the Bavarian Inn in Shepherdstown WV. He continues to do well at his assisted living home…he will be celebrating 92 in January 2021. We have only been able to see him a handful of times during the pandemic and we are hopeful for the day when we don’t have to visit wearing masks and socially distanced.

And in the past years, Dana, our youngest daughter, had 2 graduations. Her Bachelor’s Degree from Longwood University and her Master’s Degree from Virginia Tech. We couldn’t be more proud of her. She was also engaged and married…more on that later.

Our oldest daughter. Kristen, has been quite busy as well. Working in the government, traveling on business and pleasure and announcing she was pregnant with our first grandchild!! What a joyous occasion welcoming Cyrus Lyon Karpusiewicz to our family on July 28, 2020. Being pregnant and having a baby during a pandemic was no picnic for our daughter and son-in-law. We look forward to our role as grandparents and are thrilled to be a part of Cyrus’s life…he is the sweetest baby ever!!

Cyrus with Grandpa at 1 week old.

And speaking of welcoming new members of the family….August 29, 2020 was a special day as Dana and Kyle became husband and wife. The months prior to the wedding were a roller coaster. The original wedding date was June 27 but then we were all dealing with the COVID crisis so they decided to postpone. The rescheduled date was August 29 and things were looking good until our governor implemented increased restrictions for our area due to COVID. After much thought and discussion and some creative thinking we decided the wedding would go on and split into 2 rooms each limited to 50 guests. The wedding was live-streamed to the second room as well as on Zoom to our guests who did not attend. It turned out to be a lovely day and we had a great team helping. Our hats off to the Williamsburg Winery, Wedding Co of Williamsburg, James River Audio Video, Extraordinary Cupcakes, and Williamsburg Floral, Crystal Belcher Photography for a wonderful wedding! Everyone had a great time…much needed after months of lockdown!

Wessex Hall, The Williamsburg Winery, Williamsburg, VA. Crystal Belcher Photography
Floral arrangements by Williamsburg Floral and showcased Ivy Hill Farm peaches Smithsburg MD (my family’s farm). Crystal Belcher Photography
First look with Charlie. Crystal Belcher Photography
Dana with Charlie and I. Crystal Belcher Photography
The wedding party. Crystal Belcher Photography
Our growing family. From left to right, Karen Martin, Steve Martin, Kasie Martin, Tim Martin, Karen Lyon, Charlie Lyon, Dana Deivert, Kyle Deivert, Justin Martin, Hannah Drumm, Rev. Virgil Cain, Cyrus Karpusiewicz, Kristen Karpusiewicz, Rich Karpusiewicz. Crystal Belcher Photography
Our Air Force family. From left to right, Andy Dichter, Jon Bitler, Margaret Bitler, Carey Stegall, Rhonda Stegall, Karen Lyon, Cheryl Dichter, Carrie Boera, Michael Boera, Charlie Lyon. Crystal Belcher Photography
The bride and groom, Kyle and Dana Deivert

They are a beautiful couple and we wish them all the best on their life adventure. This is a sweet memory for me. August 29, 2020 would have been my mother’s 86th birthday and now we will remember her and celebrate Dana and Kyle’s anniversary on August 29!!

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