Family & Home

Our daughters, Kristen and Dana.  They once were our babies and now are beautiful women.  They fill my heart with pride and love and laughter.  They are my reason to exist.



And Charlie…another reason to exist.  He means more to me than words can express.  After 34 years of marriage I look forward to growing much older with him.


Our first home purchased in 1982…Dalzell, SC…a whopping 1100 square feet! Charlie still longs for his little truck!

5587 Whisperwood Dr


More than 20 moves and 30 years later, here is where we have landed and with an additional 4000 square feet.


My proud and humble beginnings at Ivy Hill Farm, Smithsburg, MD.

Ivy Hill Farm, 1960s-1

September 7, 2014 we celebrated the marriage of our daughter, Kristen, and welcomed our son-in-law, Rich.  It was a beautiful day and a lovely wedding!  Kristen’s bouquet was made from her favorite flowers with the addition of ivy, representing her grandparents John and Jeanne Martin of Ivy Hill Farm and rosemary in honor of her grandmother, Rosemary Lyon.  It still brings tears to my eyes that she requested this.


My favorite photo of my parents, John and Jeanne Martin, at Maryland State Fair in the 1970s.  I miss them very much and hope they would be proud of the life I am living and the woman I am.


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