My first rug…”My Favorite Things”  This project was a block of the month and one of the first rug hooking projects I made.  I’m really glad I put my initials and the year in the corner.  I started “hooking” in 2002.  If you aren’t familiar with rug hooking this is the process.  Wool is felted (washed and dried in the washing machine) and sometimes hand dyed ( look for more on that in another post).  The felted wool fabric in then cut into narrow strips.  I usually hook with 1/4 inch strips with a rug hook which is similar looking to a crochet hook.  Loops of felted wool are pulled up through a base fabric in the design of the rug.  If you haven’t tried it…well, it’s a lot of fun and very addictive.

Flow Blue…November 2015  My cousin Melissa and I participated in a Creative Workshop with teachers Ali Strebel and Karen Kahle.  This year’s workshop was entitled Techniques and Textures.  Melissa and I are tried our hand at hooking with a vintage speed tufting tool.  It apparently was popular in the 50s and 60s and it is still used today but not too often.  The difference is you work the pattern from the back side much like needlepunch embroidery.  I made this mat using the tufting tool.  It’s a very vintage look I think.

IMG_1669 (1)IMG_1668

Tom Turkey….November 2015  This rug was a project I started at Cammie Bruce’s workshop in October with our local rug hooking group.  Cammie is a primitive, wide cut, low contrast hooker.  I did this rug in #8 cuts in Cammie’s low contrast style.  It was finished just in time for Thanksgiving.


Compote and Tulips …September 2015  I started this rug at a workshop with teacher Norma Bastani.  The design is from Lori Brechlin and I used a lot of my own hand dyed wool in this rug.


Jamie Mae Martin’s Rug…Goin’ to the Fair, completed May 2015 just in time for her early arrival.  Design is from The Old Tattered Flag.  Jamie is my first great niece!


Floral of a pair, 1st one completed March 2015.  Cindi Gay design


Spring Chicken…March 2015


My Beloved …  2016,  A rug hanging in our bedroom to celebrate our 35th wedding Anniversary


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