Quarterly Catch Up

Seems I post on a quarterly basis…total Slacker!  Since I haven’t written anything recently I don’t want you to think I sit around at home eating bonbons….though the scales might suggest otherwise.  I have been working on projects and here is photographic evidence.


My hooked rug “Compote & Tulips

I started this rug in July 2015  in a workshop with Norma Bastini with many of my own hand dyed wools.  I love the background which was totally Norma’s idea. Design by Lori Brechlin.


“Tom Turkey”

Another workshop rug in October 2015 with Cammie Bruce, a wonderful low contrast primitive hooker.  I hooked this rug in her low contrast style.  She uses a wide cut (9+) but this is #8 cut.  We have another workshop next October and I think I’ll try her wide cut.

IMG_1669 (1)

“Flow Blue”

My cousin Melissa and I drove to Tipp City, Ohio for a 3 day workshop with hookers Karen Kahle and Ali Strebel.  The workshop was devoted to Textures and Techniques. Ali taught us needle felting, standing wool circles, pleating, ruched wool.  All fun ways to add texture to a rug.  Karen Kahle (my favorite rug hooker of all time) taught us the above, hooking rugs with a vintage Speed Tufter tool.  Melissa and I each found a tool on ebay.  These rugs are hooked much like punch needle embroidery from the back.  We used #8 wool strips.  It makes a very vintage looking rug.  We had several patterns to choose from but this one was an obvious choice for me since I inherited my Great Aunt Katherine’s collection of antique Flow Blue china.


For Karen and Ali’s workshop we were all asked to wear a handmade name tag so I punch needled this one.  My second option was to write my name on a piece of duct tape.


2015 pincushions from Cottage Keepsakes

I worked through most of this book’s patterns for pin keeps.  They were very addictive.  I think I missed a couple of the patterns but I love this grouping.  I loved it so much that I started the second book….


January 2016 pinkeep “French Market Flower”


A fun dye day with Missy and Kay

More fun with friends, Linda, Katie and Val

Making cork wreaths

12 days of Christmas blocks by Temecula Quilt Company

A mini sampler of 3 inch blocks

Christmas gifts 2015

A crocheted rag gym bag for Dana using Edyta Sitar’s cold spell batiks

A hooked backgammon board rug for Kristen and Rich

Wool Christmas pie ornaments decorating wrapped bottles of Governor’s White from the Williamsburg Winery


Bertie’s Block of the Month (nice toes Karen!)

My quilting group started this block of the month in 2014.  Instead of making it in a quilt we decided to make individual blocks that would button onto a pillow.  You can see the pillow with the first block.  It is great to have this off the “works in progress” list!

Temecula Quilt Co. mini hexagon quilt

Instagram is the latest development in my social network…kind of like it.  Many of my blogs I follow do instagram projects.  This is one of them from a favorite California quilt shop (hope to visit it in person someday!)  This is a hand pieced quilt using the English paper piecing technique.  Each side of the hexagon is about 1/2″.  This is mini replica of an antique quilt.  It was actually so fun to do that I have plans to do another tiny (3/8 inch) hexagon quilt…hopefully you will see a completed project in a year…or two…or three.

My gal pal, Mona, had me over for a day.  She also has a long arm and decided I needed a break through moment.  She gave me a mini-class on Pantogaph quilting.  It was so helpful!  Gave me the confidence to go home play a little and then open the door to begin longarm quilting projects.  As she said, “There’s no going back!”


Sewing Mug Caddy

I mean really…the things you find online!  My quilting friend, Loy, gave me this HUGE mug for Christmas a year or so ago.  It was in my sewing room and turned into a depository for assorted sewing supplies.  Then I found this idea online with free directions and set out to dress up my mug and make it more functional.  With pockets both on the inside and outside it is a great mobile sewing caddy for me…it goes everywhere in the house.  Hope Dana doesn’t notice the CNU pen…she needs to get me a Longwood pen! Hint, hint!IMG_1769

And this perhaps this is my biggest accomplishment…making room for one car in the 3-car garage during a big (well, not huge by most standards but 6 inches in Williamsburg is significant) snowstorm.

There have been other projects started and in progress too.  As I complete them I will document it for all 3 of my followers…love you guys and gals!  Hopefully I won’t be so long between posts.  But I must admit, looking back over this post and others, it does make me feel that I am actually productive.  Until next time!

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1 Response to Quarterly Catch Up

  1. wendy says:

    too many projects for me to comment on!
    I love the hooked rugs, that’s something I’m quite interested in. I’ve done a latch hook rug, but I think that’s different… I also attended a short ((1hour) workshop on proddy hooking, which I think is more like what you’re doing there.
    love the needle punch name tag too!


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