Spring has Sprung

Williamsburg is blossoming and we are enjoying some spectacular weather….until tomorrow arrives with April showers.  It has been wonderful to spend some time outdoors and we are planning a front yard landscape redesign.  It’s all in the planning, approval and estimate phase but we look forward to beginning soon.

I did have a somewhat productive beginning of the year.  It was a wooly winter with lots of wool dyeing in the kitchen – the entire set of Karen Kahle’s wool recipes – both books!  I have lots of great vintage colors.  And 3 wool hooking projects completed or nearly so.


Karen Kahle’s

wool recipes

The first completion was a rug for a dear friend, Gale.  She has certainly had her ups and downs over the recent years and she has helped me through my ups and downs as well.  In our discussions we often came back to one word or idea…


My recent completed project will likely be a one of a kind creation…my pantry rooster.

IMG_0872For a little guy it sure took a long time to sew it together.  The pattern from Ma’s Bells called to hook one side of the rooster then sew a plain piece of wool fabric to the back.  I did that several years ago with a sheep and thought I should have hooked both sides.  So I hooked both sides of the rooster.  The issue is, when you sew the two pieces together, especially at inside curves, the backing and stitching show.  As I sewed the pieces together with upholstery thread I would hook a row of wool over top the stitching line to cover those areas.  Not too difficult at first, but as the piece is sewn together it becomes increasingly more difficult to hook.  I would sew a few inches then need to walk away for a while.  It is one of a kind….unless it’s like childbirth and you forget about the ordeal to get the desired result.  I put my rooster on an old bed spring…isn’t that just too cute?!

My final wool project is still in the making…it’s a footstool…a pattern and kit that I’ve had for 6 years or more.  In decorating this house my decorator friend recommended purchasing 2 footstools.  Of course, why purchase when I had two on my to-do list.  The first stool is hooked and now I’m staining feet, covering the footstool with foam and batting and  getting ready to sew the sides.  I’ll show you progress as I put it together but for now here is the hooking.

IMG_0805I purchased this pattern from Cindi Gay and over the years she has designed many, many footstool patterns.

As for spring in The Vineyards…many things are blooming


Saucer Magnolia


Baby turtle about the size of a quarter


The monster fish have returned.

We listen to owls, frogs, woodpeckers, and just last evening I saw a hummingbird working the fragrant beauty bush by the deck.  It sure beats this scene!

IMG_0751And last but not least…our beloved hockey team, the Washington Capitals, are in the playoffs.  It’s time for the red Chucks to come out and to debut the larger, louder, and more improved cowbell!  Let’s go Caps!!

IMG_1077Certainly can’t forget the new furniture in the Caps viewing room either…it just arrived, still getting the room put together.


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  1. viperjock says:

    Great Post, Karen! Awesome work! Rock the Red!


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