The Martin Meadow – A Christmas Finish

On my to do list since January 2013 was a quilt intended for my nephew Tim and his young bride Kasie.  The quilt was inspired by fabrics and a pattern I found on one of my favorite online quilt shop destinations, The Country Sampler in Spring Green, Wisconsin.  The fabrics reminded me of my childhood days playing in the meadow in front of what was then my grandparents house.  The Holstein dairy herd grazed in the meadow that had a lovely, calming stream passing through it.  This quilt was made with those memories and specifically for Tim and Kasie since they have decided to make that home their own.  So this was their Christmas gift, a quilt called “The Martin Meadow.”


The Martin Meadow, 63″ X 74″




Quilt label on back.


I included this short explanation in the gift bag as well:

    Dear Tim and Kasie,

   Here is the story behind this quilt that I made especially for you. Several years ago I found these fabrics and they immediately reminded me of the meadow at my grandparents house (John A and Gladys Martin), the house where Tim was raised. I spent many hours as a child playing in the cows’ meadow in front of this treasured family home. Wild buttercups, forget-me-nots and watercress grew there. I anxiously waited for the sign of spring by the daffodils and narcissus in the meadow and the crocus and grape hyacinths planted by my grandmother. I would bring my school friends there (Nancy, Kathy, Sharon, Linda Grahl) and wearing rubber boots we would play in the stream. We would very carefully (to not get splinters in delicate areas) straddle an old fallen telephone pole to get from one side to the other. Those are cherished memories that I carry with me…memories that all children should be so lucky to have.

      Now that you all have decided to make this your home, I wanted to share those memories with you and know that more cherished Martin memories will be made in that beautiful home and family property. I hope you enjoy this quilt that I made with those warm and grateful thoughts of my childhood.

 With much love,


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  1. viperjock says:

    Very Nice, Karen!


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